Hey there!  Isn’t life grand?  It is if you believe that you can make it that way.  I’ve always believed that stepping up to accept any challenge is important to live a quality and exciting life.  Heck, I don’t even believe that you have to be rich to do it either.

My pitch to you.  If you’re involved in an organization that is looking for a somewhat straight shooter that’s a little off center in what he delivers, then I’m your guy.  Speaking that is.  Just drop me a line and I’ll check my schedule to see what’s available, okay?  I keep pretty busy with many projects and engagements.  If you’re lucky to catch me, do so.  I’ll get you the information you’ll be needing to make an informed decision.

It’s probably wise to shoot me an email first.  You can send it to <a href=”mailto: bobchoat@gmail.com”>bobchoat@gmail.com</a>

Thanks for reading this short paragraph.  I hope you have a fantastic day and week.  Keep challenging yourself each and every day.

Bob Choat


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