Transform Yourself to Reach a Higher Level of Performance!


Are you a frustrated executive, professional or business owner that wants high performance?

Are you looking to improve your performance in your life?

Would you like to be healthier, happier and more successful than ever before?

What would your ultimate self look and act like?

Gain more confidence – FAST!!!

It doesn’t matter whether your looking to speak in public, perform in athletic event or simply reach a higher level in your career.  Everything is performance based.  Peak Performance is the full connection of mind and body to be at your peak without burning out.  It’s being a FLOW state when you need to be. Even getting to healthy weight begins with a healthy mind.

You’ll get coached to rise higher in your life than you ever thought possible.  Now, here’s the thing. You’ll get challenged to take action.  I’ll make sure you do the steps necessary that will get you from where you are at to where you need to go.

You’ll get quite a bit from my tool bag.  From fitness training to mind reconstruction, each aspect builds upon each other.  Whatever works for YOU is what I’m all about. So, a customized approach is the best way to go.  I’ve seen too many people use all the old stuff falsely believing that what works for one will work for another.  No way!  Each person is unique and needs a unique approach for them.  I’m sure it’s the same with you, right?

My goal is to help you overcome the challenges you’ve had and get the results you seek. Since I limit myself to only a handful of clients, I want to be able to focus more so that you get more.

“Bob Choat has been a valuable coach to me in helping to grow my skills as a business woman and keynote speaker. Bob has a unique ability to plant the seed and help nurture it to fruition. His kindness, patience and business acumen combined, is the perfect recipe for creating client success. I highly recommend Bob as an invaluable coach to help transform your mindset, actions, and ultimately your success. “
-Dr. Lori Shemek, author of How to Fight FATflammation and Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!

“I have gained more confidence and taken action on my dreams and goals.  Because of Bob’s coaching, I have started another business venture and authored by my first book, “Yelp Secrets.”
-Curtis Yang
America’s #1 Local Business Makeover Expert

“Bob’s motivational style of actionable coaching has helped me to do the things I’ve thought about doing for years.  First, a book and 2nd, creating fitness videos.  I will always be grateful for his help.”
-Jason Scott Johnson
Celebrity Personal Trainer, Martial Arts Expert and Actor

I can help you with that through my multiple approach of various mind-body tools that I have available.

Email me for more information or just set up a discovery session for you in order to get the results you want.  My email is or call me at 818-620-2494…

In-Person, via Skype or over the Phone…. I have limited availability…  So Book NOW!

Isn’t it time that you unleash your best self, starting now?

20130119_30Bob Choat
America’s #1 Mind-Body Transformation Expert
Author of ‘Mind Your Own Fitness’
(818) 620-2494

Contact me today!

Call 818-620-2494 Now!


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