Being physically fit has been with me throughout my whole life.  I simply love working out and what it does for my overall well-being.  That’s one of things I’ve noticed in today’s world is the decline of fitness… by leaps and bounds.  We have more fitness centers than ever before and less physical activity than ever before.

My passion is to help get out society back on the fitness track.  As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and trainings in other organizations, I fully believe that without a fit nation and society, we are doomed as a people.  Fitness counts.  For those of of us over 50, we have lived in a time when fitness was more pronounced.  Even when we didn’t have fitness centers, we still worked out.  As children, we used to play more.  Not just in the park either.  We did physical activity everywhere we could.  It was fun for us and good for our brain.

Both mind and body go hand-in-hand. I want to help each of you get there.  Transform yourselves fully.  And help to gain a more confident, secure you.


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