Life is about taking on challenges and turning them into opportunities.  That’s what I believe and accept in my own life.  Starting the basis of martial arts since I was a child, I learned that there will always be difficulties in life.  It’s how we respond to them that’s important.

From I learned and continue to learn in the martial arts, the Marines, in psychology, in fitness, and in many other areas of life – has enabled me to bring that challenge and growth to my clients.  Part of my studies include both formal and informal education in all those areas of life.  The principles that I learned in leadership, both in school and in other areas run true for all.  It’s knowing how to express it in actual terms is what I believe in and pass on.  It’s the same in business and psychology.

You get the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and my education.  I love to challenge my clients.  It’s a big part of where I came from and live now.  And now it’s your turn to learn and to grow and to be challenged.

HMI WebTV Interview Part 1

HMI WebTV Interview Part 2


Part of my personal studies which I am passionate about is in the area of leadership.  This stems from both my views, my studies and experience in that realm.  My views come from watching true leaders engage in what they do.  This started from early on when I first was in the martial arts in Okinawa.  Through the years I would witness fellow teammates in sports as leaders, coaches, business people, military commanders and so forth do what they do best.

I also engaged in running my own business ventures, take risks, losing and winning.  I still do. This practical experience I gained helped in my own development as well as enlisting my past leadership experiences in both sports and the Marines.  I remember in my past studies that many CEO’s had been in the Marines.  I believe that they offer leadership training that is second to none.  I am glad that I went through that experience.

Later I would gain additional insights and training.  Part of that included being a graduate of the Rapport Leadership Institute and getting my MA in Leadership from Bellevue University.  The latter enabled me to look at leadership from a different perspective.

To this day I consider myself a student of leadership as well as a leader.  I still continue to improve upon that area of my life.  I also believe that each and every person has it within them to be a leader.

On Lifelong Learning

I believe that education is not just relegated to one period of time or even through the formalized process.  Even though I have my doctorates in psychology, I also went on to continuous learning.  That includes various certifications throughout my life.  They include getting my certification as an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, hypnotherapy, EEG Neurofeedback, Personal Training (NASM) and so many others.  I am a firm believer in reading and applying what I learn.  Action is what helps create real learning.  That includes making mistakes and learning from them.


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